Drugovich-Global Alternative Tibia Server
IP: go.Drugovich-Global.com.br      Versão: 11      Port: 7171      (Crie sua conta)      (Download Cliente Próprio)

Server Status
Currently 57 players are online on Drugovich-Global.

Agamenon232Elite Knight
Aurora328Elder Druid
Batgol401Elite Knight
Bela374Elite Knight
Betinho288Elite Knight
Beto Oz402Royal Paladin
Billy The Kid418Royal Paladin
Blaise289Royal Paladin
Boltadanoseucu352Royal Paladin
Capitao Poco204Royal Paladin
Chuck Loco342Royal Paladin
Cobertodrazao28Elite Knight
Darinho394Royal Paladin
Demoniac392Royal Paladin
Elite Maste328Elite Knight
Emerson Ii348Royal Paladin
Exquter404Elder Druid
Extreme349Royal Paladin
Galaxy484Royal Paladin
Gihh450Royal Paladin
Glados251Elite Knight
Hansarok305Royal Paladin
Havena261Elder Druid
Hazzard320Elite Knight
Hera451Royal Paladin
Highly Tim Maia433Royal Paladin
Japaloko63Royal Paladin
Jerryvampy351Elder Druid
Joaolins351Royal Paladin
Juvenil500Elite Knight
Kaneki343Royal Paladin
Kiki Owns455Elite Knight
Killer348Elder Druid
Knight Mithus417Elite Knight
Leticia194Elite Knight
Light Yagami410Royal Paladin
Luna500Royal Paladin
Master Che100Elite Knight
Mister Palandin154Royal Paladin
Moita Do Emerson8Paladin
Nepzin415Royal Paladin
Oiac311Royal Paladin
Paladin Solitario351Royal Paladin
Pally Chapado319Royal Paladin
Pequeno Zeus190Royal Paladin
Pivete Mete415Royal Paladin
Sangrenta280Royal Paladin
Sucata315Royal Paladin
Tormenta306Royal Paladin
Trojan411Elite Knight
Uchiha Sasuke362Elite Knight
Victor Soberano305Royal Paladin
Viih102Elite Knight

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